Hotel Key Cards
Choose between magnetic stripes (hico or loco) and 1K MIFARE Classic, all of our hotel key cards operate freely with the range of locks on the market.

Our magnetic stripe hotel key cards are available with either loco or hico magnetic stripes so you can ensure compatibility with your chosen door entry system. They also feature a 6mm DDA notch to assist blind or partially sighted people and will be delivered to you ready for encoding at your premises.
£69.45 (GBP)

RFID (Radio Frequency ID) cards, otherwise known as ‘contactless cards’ or ‘proximity cards,’ are becoming an increasingly popular choice for hotel key cards. As Mifare accredited partners, we offer the Mifare Classic 1k as an option for your door entry system.           
£69.45 (GBP)
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Making the most of your Hotel Key Cards?

Not only are plastic hotel key cards practical, handy, lightweight and can easily be kept in wallets or purses, but they also offer a fantastic branding opportunity for your business. Including your company name and logo onto your design is a popular choice, but why stop there; you can use your key cards as an advertising platform to highlight the other services available within your premises such as dining, spa and leisure facilities.
Cards purchased through the Hub website are digitally printed on a HP Indigo 5900 press in our own purpose built manufacturing facility, and are made using standard PVC with a 760 micron thickness.

“Great service and great quality every single time!”

Georgina Jarvis, Ted Baker London