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Custom Plastic Shield Card

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Do you want every single card to feature the same design and information? Then selecting a generic RFID shield card is the correct route for you! Choose between a matt or gloss finish with additional options to add magnetic stripes (not encoded) and signature panels.
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Generic RFID Shield Cards

Following extensive research and development in conjunction with the patent holder VoyagerBlue (VB), this innovative card shielding technology protects against RFID and NFC hacking as well as other risks associated with contactless cards such as accidental payments and card clash.
Our RFID Shield Cards offer the latest in card fraud protection and work by simply placing within a wallet or purse next to the card you want protecting. By choosing our generic RFID shield card product you can brand, upload and create your design so that every card is identical offering you an excellent way to create brand awareness through the ongoing presence within a customer’s wallet or purse. If you want to enhance the functionality of the card then why not add a signature panel or magnetic stripe (not encoded).

Cards purchased through the Hub website are digitally printed on a HP Indigo 5900 press in our own purpose built manufacturing facility, and are made using standard PVC with a 760 micron thickness.

The Possibilities

Magnetic Stripes

Magnetic stripes can be added to your cards to allow subsequent unique encoding to each card. Magnetic stripes are read by swiping through a reading head (such as door access entry or till systems). Choose from Loco or Hico formats. The position of the stripe is fixed to ensure compatibility with encoding/reading systems.

Signature Panels

Signature panels can be applied to your cards to enable the end user to handwrite personal information such as name, signature etc. They will be printed in white, any size or shape and you can add multiple panels to the card if required. Please allow a 3mm ‘clear zone’ around your signature panels to avoid over-writing important design features.

Matt or Gloss Finish

Choose your finish, matt (silk) or gloss (shiny) at no extra cost. N.B. we recommend a matt finish for black or dark designs as gloss tends to show scratches more on dark cards.

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