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Plastic Variable Data Shield Card

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If you want the same overall card design but with unique information on each shield card such as names, numbers and barcodes, or even a magnetic stripe which you can choose to have encoded or not and of course the ability to add signature panels, then this is the option for you!
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Variable Data RFID Shield Cards

Following extensive research and development in conjunction with the patent holder VoyagerBlue (VB), this innovative card shielding technology protects against RFID and NFC hacking as well as other risks associated with contactless cards such as accidental payments and card clash.
Our RFID Shield Cards offer the latest in card fraud protection and work by simply placing within a wallet or purse next to the card you want protecting. Not only can you can this card offer protection, but it can be fully personalised as well. In addition to a choice of a gloss or matt finish, and the inclusion of signature panels, you can add names, numbers, barcodes and magnetic stripes to enhance the functionality of the card. Simply upload your data in a .CSV format and apply it direct to your design ensuring your cards are truly unique to your business.

Cards purchased through the Hub website are digitally printed on a HP Indigo 5900 press in our own purpose built manufacturing facility, and are made using standard PVC with a 760 micron thickness.

The Possibilities

Magnetic Stripe Encoding

This is the process used to encode unique data on to your magnetic stripe. Our system allows you to encode ‘Track 2’ of the stripe with a unique number – simply upload your data file and select the relevant field. Magnetic stripes are available in both low-coercivity (Loco) or high-coercivity (Hico) formats – Hico is more resistant to external magnetic damage. It is important to check the compatibility and encoding requirements of your reader / system – if in doubt, please ask.


A barcode is a machine readable representation of data. Unique barcodes can be included to your cards, choosing from a range of barcode ‘types’ to allow additional functionality on your system. Typical examples would be gift cards, loyalty cards, membership cards etc. Barcodes will be printed in black on a white background to ensure the optimum readability with a 3mm ‘clear zone’.

Signature Panels

Signature panels can be applied to your cards to enable the end user to handwrite personal information such as name, signature etc. They will be printed in white, any size or shape and you can add multiple panels to the card if required. Please allow a 3mm ‘clear zone’ around your signature panels to avoid over-writing important design features.

Variable Data

A data file can be uploaded (.csv format) allowing you to add personalised text to each card such as unique numbers, names, barcodes etc. Simply upload your file, indicate which fields you require and position them on the card in a choice of font type, size and colour.

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